Get your cat on with our cozy selection of cat supplies. We have a few things here and there so you can pamper your cat with some of the most affordable cat supplies. Every cat deserves a comfortable place to call home. It’s your job to provide it. If your cat is hungry or thirsty, we have cute cat bowls. If your cat wants to scratch, we have cat scratchers. If your cat wants to play, we have cat toys. If your cat needs to go, we got that covered too, with cat litter boxes and cat litter box liners.

Every cat needs to be vaccinated between weeks 9-12. If you’ve adopted a cat, make sure to get ahold of its medical records. Regular checkups at the vet is also necessary. If you ever spot any abnormalities, schedule an appointment. It’s important to get regular checkups for diseases and other things you can’t easily spot- like worms and parasites.

The rest of the stuff you can easily do at home. Regularly groom your cat. Make sure you feed it the proper type and amounts of food. Bond with your cat. Keep him occupied and entertained. Provide a scratching post and cat toys when you’re away. Keep at least 1 litter box for each cat you own. Keep your cat exercised and engaged. It’s a big responsibility to care for a cat, but the rewards are worth it.

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Showing all 2 results