Get the essentials for Fido. We carry a cozy selection of all the bare necessities for dogs, whether you’re shopping for a newborn puppy or rescued a dog, we’ve got your tail. Get everything from dog bowls (stainless steel, plastic, and melamine) for Fido’s hunger and thirst all the way to comfortable dog beds for rest. Find a nice selection of the most random dog toys- from squeaky dog toys to donuts to cupcakes to pigs. Yes. Pigs. Check out our selection of dog collars for walks and dog treats for tricks. (We also have dog poop bag dispensers and poop bags too.) Going on vacation? We have airline-approved dog carriers.

Every dog needs to be checked regularly by a licensed vet to ensure that everything’s okay. New puppies need to be vaccinated between 6-8 weeks. Getting a microchip is also a good idea, for identification purposes in case you lose your dog (or your dog loses you). If you’ve adopted a dog, make sure to get all the necessary paperwork to see the dog’s medical history and if any vaccinations or checkups are due.

Caring for your dog is a major responsibility. Be diligent and do tons of research to learn as much as you can. Instead of reading about dogs in general, you should read about your specific breed, since different breeds have different needs. Your dog is one of the most loyal beings you can keep and form a deep connection with. Take care of your dog and it’ll take care of you.

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Showing 1–16 of 17 results