Gloop! Gloop!

Check out our cozy selection of the bare essentials for keeping your underwater pal happy! Our mini aquarium heater is perfect for smaller fish tanks, such as Betta fish aquariums. We also carry 100W, 200W, and 300W adjustable aquarium heaters for larger tanks. Every drop of water into your fish tank needs to be treated. Use a water conditioner to remove harmful chemicals and compounds from your tap water to make it safe for your fish. Note that goldfish food can be used for a variety of fish, not just goldfish. Omnivoorus fish also like to munch on treats once in a while- a popular choice being freeze-dried bloodworms.

Please be sure that your tank is already cycled before adding your fish. This is probably the most common mistake that beginners make. Don’t make an impulse decision to buy a fish and plop it into a fish tank. It will most likely be killed by ammonia poisoning due to an uncycled fish tank. The order is to first buy all the equipment. Second, set it up and get it running. Third, cycle your tank and constantly monitor the water parameters until perfect. And fourth, (the fun part), you go out and buy your fish. Cycling a fish tank basically means establishing bacterial colonies in the tank and filter media so they can break down your fish’s waste. If you drop a fish into an uncycled tank, it will drown in its own waste. Make sure your tank is cycled before adding fish. If you have no idea what any of this means, you have more reading to do. Be a responsible fish owner and do it for your aquatic pal. He’d give you a high-fin if he could!

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