A bulk pack of 320 poop bags for dogs.

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When you gotta go, you gotta go…

A wise person once said to be prepared. When you’re going out for a morning walk or midnight run with your dog, we think that’s precisely where those words come into play. How exactly? By being prepared with a sack of poop bags for dogs. Yes. Exactly.

Handle anything your dog can throw (or not) at you with these poop bags. Made from durable plastic, they’re tear-resistant all the way home. They offer an affordable solution to nature’s call. Cheap, economical, and discreetly colored, these poop bags get the job done for your dog.

We all know that feeling when you’re walking your stride when all of a sudden Fido needs to sport a stride of his own, or maybe when you’re in the zone jogging at night and Maggie needs to jog to the nearest patch of grass. Or how about when you’re walking Buddy in the park and he decides to park next to a bare spot on the ground? And you’re in front of 10 other people in the park? And they’re all staring at you, scanning your hand for that black or blue bag? Don’t be caught red-handed.

Snatch a pack of these poop bags for your dog and next time you’ll be able to do your duty for your dog’s due doodie without further ado. No sweat.

Stuff we like:

  • Durable and economical poop bags
  • Discrete coloring
  • 320 bags for easy carrying in your bag, purse, hand, shopping cart…for whatever and wherever
  • 80 count per pack, 4 packs total, 320 bags total


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